West Siemens Interactive City Frankfurt

Germany, Frankfurt

We were invited to participate in this competition by a German client; we had previously worked with on a business park in Manheim, who was in joint venture with Siemens GmbH to redevelop one of their redundant production sites in Frankfurt. The intended redevelopment of the site was for an office park, for which a master plan had been prepared. The competition was for a landmark building to provide the identity and focus for the Park. We conceived a 10 storey building, with office floor plates wrapped around a central court atrium that could be easily subdivided. A dynamic design and strong silhouette was important for the building, which created by: Cutting-back the top two floors and en-framing them in exposed structure, expressing stair and lift cores, together with large areas of modulated glazing. To relate to the corner site location, the plan of the building was ‘opened-up’ on the corner axis, and in response to the back of footpath relationship, the first two stories of the building façade were ‘set-back behind a colonnade arrangement.

We won the competition and were instructed to commence design development work in preparation for a planning application. Due to a deterioration of economic conditions in Germany at this time, Siemens put the project on hold.


size: 22,000m² head office space

value: £38m

status: 1st price competition 2003

client: EEW GmbH

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