Stuttgart Office

Germany, Stuttgart

We were invited to participate in this joint venture competition, between Stuttgart Town Council and private developer EEW, a German client we had designed and built a High Tech Park in Mannheim for some years earlier.

The courtyard plan form was adopted to create a contained quiet space for occupants, in contrast to the noise and activity of the busy main road on the sites southern boundary and at the same time, to contain activity generated by the office use, to protect the amenity of residential development on the sites northern boundary. Two important requirements of the brief were: flexible floor plan subdivision for letting, and maximum benefit from passive environmental controls. The large number of lift / service cores, providing letting flexibility are expressed in the building design as is the means of providing passive environmental controls, in the form of a floating skin of glazing (Trombe wall) on the southern façade. This provides thermal control, by trapping warm or cool air and by ‘stack effect’ funnelling it through the structure, to either warm or cool the building, the air space doubling up to provide an acoustic cushion. The sweeping curve of this facade counters the aggressive linear movement of the traffic as well as providing a dynamic appearance for the building.


size: 20,000m² office space


status: 2nd price competition 2001

client: EEW GmbH

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