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Grimsbury Reservoir

Oxfordshire, Banbury

This large 16.5 hectare site, not far for from oxford, has remained undeveloped for a good reason, it is in a flood plain! Our client has a patented system which can support buildings in a flooded situation. The site is bounded by a canal, a large stretch of water, woodland, a few isolated buildings and access roads. The site is a collection of open fields, with mature hedge-rows some with streams running through them.

A number of out-line masterplans and related uses were explored, with the final client brief for: good mid level residential (houses and apartments), hotel, workshops together with some community space. The layout of the masterplan responds to the natural features of the site, boundary conditions, accessibility, together with flooding related implications. We responded to the special character and potential flooding of the site, by developing a concept of ‘clustering’ the residential accommodation around courtyards, that also act as floatation structures, which in the event of a serious flood providing a safe haven for residents.


size: 360 houses/apartments, 10,400m² commercial, 1,400m² community


status: concept

client: confidential

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