Wimbledon Hill Road

London, Wimbledon Village

The site is located in the conservation area of Wimbledon Village. The building footprint occupies 95% of the site, and has been designed to utilise the site’s important corner location to support a relatively tall five storey, some two to three stories taller than the surrounding buildings. The ground floor is occupied by retail accommodation (Tesco Metro, and Carphone Warehouse) together with two entrances, located at either end of the building, serving the residential accommodation. The upper floors provide 14 high quality apartments with the top two apartments being duplexes. The duplexes maximised developable area, within a 15 unit threshold that triggers affordable housing requirement. The design fragments the mass of the building, which is reinforced by the mix and use of material for the different elements. The floating curved element of the façade adds a dynamic lightness to the building and responds to the corner road junction setting.

This is the first building of a contemporary design built in Wimbledon Village, which is notorious for its conservative attitudes. The proposal was recommended for approval by officers, but refused consent by members. Approval was subsequently granted on appeal. Comments passed at the Appeal, on design matters by the opposing lawyers, let us to believe we could increase the height of building locally. Our client agreed with our views, according we submitted another planning application, principle with an extra floor in the centre of the building, which was approved.


size: Retail stores 450m², 14 apartments, penthouse

value: £2.0m

status: completed 2006

client: International Properties Ltd.

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