Woolwich Road

London, Charlton

This residential building, which incorporates small shop units on the ground floor, is part of our masterplan for the Maritime Park site which includes, retail warehousing and counter trade units.

This part of the site fronts onto the busy Woolwich Road which, in this location, is of a mixed retail and residential character. The ground floor of the building accommodates shop units (responding to adjoining residential terrace which contains a few small shops and flood risk) and entrances for the apartments above. It is separated from the commercial element of the scheme by the residents’ car park and landscaping. The height of the building, in part, takes its reference from the neighbouring two storey terrace under a pitched roof, which we have interpreted as three storeys. An additional fourth floor is added at the ‘projecting end’ of the building emphasising the corner status, and at the same time providing additional value (we were of the view the scheme could support a fifth floor. However, the client was nervous it would be controversial with the planners). The modelling and detail design of the building takes references from the adjoining terraces, interpreting them in a contemporary manner, for example, the dormer windows, vertical window proportion and a strong roof line. The materials on building also respond to surrounding palette, including the thin coat insulated render and bright rolled titanium panels.

A detailed flood risk assessment was carried out, in conjunction with flood risk engineers (ERM), as the site is on the edge of the 1 in a1000 flood risk zone.


size: 430m² retail units, 20 apartments

value: £2.85m

status: planning consent

client: Schroders, GHP Group

part of: Maritime Park

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