Colne Harbour Regeneration

Essex, Colchester

Colchester Borough Council and Chelmsford County Council jointly appointed the practise to develop a Design Guide for the regeneration of the river frontage in the ‘Hythe’ area of Colchester. (We had previously developed a good working relationship with the officers in the process of achieving planning approval for our Essex University Student Accommodation scheme and a B&Q store, located in the regeneration zone). The document was formally adopted by the Council.
An important objective for the document was to establish a coherent design strategy and framework that could be implemented on an add-hoc basis, by individual site owners as–and–when their particular site was redeveloped, but when the full extent of works are complete the river frontage will have a coherent character. A detailed site study was undertaken which identified among other issues: historic working structures that could be retained and restored, necessary river wall repairs and improvements, locations for ‘pocket parks’ and pedestrian bridge(s) across the river. All of which would participate in creating an attractive river frontage, related to its historic setting, for the public to enjoy and site owners to obtain added value from.




status: partially implimented

client: Essex CC, Colchester BC

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