Derby St Peter's Quarter


Derby City Council appointed the practise to develop a Masterplan for the St. Peter’s Quarter area, predominantly a collection of pedestrian shopping streets, to identify ideas and a scope of works to give the area a sense of identity and attraction to combat the detrimental impact to retailers in the area from the recently open near-by Westfield Shopping Centre.

In discussion with the Council and stakeholders we developed a design strategy to attract shoppers and visitors to the area. The objective was to get them to linger in the streets and entice to browse and go into the shops and cafes, rather than just head straight for the Westfield Centre. We identified a twin level concept. Physical improvements, to make the streets a more dynamic and an inviting place to be, plus activities to entice public participation and interaction. Physical improvements include: re-modelling a visually heavy and depressive service bridge suspended over one of the main shopping (East) streets, creation of a raised public space at the intersection of the Quarter’s to main streets (St Peter’s and East Street). This space would incorporate a dynamic sculptural canopy structure, to act a marker and focal point. The space can be used for people to site and have a cup of coffee (the canopy suggest shelter, a place to stop), and as a platform for public performance art etc. The main points of entry to the Quarter are identified by sculptural ‘gate ways’ acting as markers. In key locations, areas of new contrasting paving will inserted. At intervals along the principle streets interactive ‘urban trees’ are located (children sit on them, peddle a devise which in turn courses the tree to be illuminate and the plants in-bedded in them to be watered), enticing shoppers to linger in area, and at the same time provide an enjoyable ‘soft ’educational experience.



value: £600,000

status: planning

client: Derby City Council

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