Broadgate Tower

West Midlands, Coventry

This feasibility study was prepared to open up a dialogue with the planning authority on the redevelopment potential of this large ex Littlewoods store / site. How a tall tower element in the scheme would be received, in relation to its setting within the views of the ‘Three Sisters’ (grouping of three churches) as well as the ‘bombed out’ shell of Coventry Cathedral, was of particular interest.

The proposals retained retail use at ground, lower ground and first floor. Large ‘cut outs’ have been introduced in the floors to connect them visually and physically with escalators. to meet requirements of an identified large retail operator (Primark). Existing basement levels provided car parking for the residential element of the scheme. The second floor was remodelled for residential accommodation, with the centre of the building ‘cut out’ to facilitate double aspect apartments as well as a courtyard for residential amenity. One corner of the existing building was cut away, providing grounding for a 25 storey the tower / lift core. The tower is modelled to reduce its massing at high level, accommodating individual penthouses, at the upper levels with a limited service core extending beyond to provide a spire-like silhouette, complementing the ‘Three Sisters’ in a contemporary manner.

The proposals were well received by the local authority. It drew their attention to the fact that they did not have a ‘Tall Buildings Policy’. The Authority indicated they would work with us to develop the policy. Regretfully, the timescale to take such a project forward, did not suit the prospective partner for the retail element of the scheme, accordingly the project was abandoned.

size: Retail 8,000m², 210 apartments, 136 no car parking


status: concept

client: GHP Group

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