Bugsbys Way

London, Charlton

These retail warehousing and counter trade units are part of our 3.5 ha Maritime Park masterplan, which includes residential and small shop units.

The retail and trade counter accommodation has been set out with the retail unit(s) taking advantage of the Bugsby’s Way road frontage, an establish retail destination. Trade-counter units generally attract professionals. Accordingly their location is less sensitive. Furthermore, the retail building at the front of the site will create a good image and give a strong identity to the Park as a destination.

Both the retail and trade-counter buildings have been designed to maximise letting / unit size flexibility. The retail building has a large expanse of glazing on its frontage, together a deep overhanging canopy, clad in reflective metal sheet, to attract shoppers and make it more comfortable for them to move between units. The remainder of the building, except the service yard which finished in block work, is clad in flat metal panels to support a quality image. The trade counter units are clad in profile metal sheet, set out in a module pattern to provide an enhanced appearance with minimum extra cost. 130 car park spaces are set out directly in front of the retail units and a further 70 spaces directly in front of the counter trade units. Redevelopment of the site also provided the opportunity to improve pedestrian connectivity between Bugsby’s Way and Woolwich Road.

size: Retail units 3,800m², high tech units 6,700m², 200 car park spaces

value: £7.30m

status: planning consent 2010

client: Schroders, GHP Group

part of: Maritime Park

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