Derby Audley Centre


Our client wanted a cost effective proposal to rejuvenate this tired and oppressive 1970’s building. We chose a design approach that applied / floated new materials over the existing façade, avoiding the inherent implications associated with making alterations to a building.

The individual shopfronts have been ‘en-framed’ and over clad with a look-a-like stone finish. This gives strong definition to the individual shop units and an overall unity of the building’s appearance, combining to create impact on the street scene and attract shopper’s attention. It will also help to detract from some poor quality existing shop windows, which will only be changed as and when leases expire. The upper levels are over clad with ‘floating’ painted perforated screens, fixed off the face of the building with projecting brackets. This allows existing upper level windows to be retained unaltered, as well as the buildings generally weather tightness to be unaffected. To provide additional impact for late evening and winter time shopping, the screen is back-lit. This will reinforce the buildings dynamic ‘makeover’ providing an experience synonymous with the modern retailing.


value: £500,000

status: concept

client: Winllan (Derby)

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