Kosice Shopping Centre

Slovakia, Kosice

This 19.0 hectare site, on the outskirts of Slovakia’s second city of Kosice, fronts onto the main highway linking the city with the airport. This highway is also a major public transport (tram and bus) route, which is an important consideration for retail and leisure developments in this area of Europe. Accordingly, a bus and taxi terminus is accommodated in the car park, close to the Centre’s entrance.

The Centre has been laid out with two main anchor users: a hypermarket at the western end of the mall, and a leisure plaza comprising restaurants, cafes, multiplex cinema, bowling etc. at the eastern end. The design allows for the ‘leisure plaza’ to be open and functioning independently, outside of shopping hours. A small independent commercial element has been included to take advantage of the Centre’s critical mass, modern vibrancy and relatively close proximity to the City.


size: 10,600m² Mall shops, 11,500m² Hypo Market, 6,000m² furniture shop, 4,600m² multiplex cinema


status: concept

client: Optima Corporation

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