Rhodaus Town

Kent, Canterbury

This scheme, a phase of our Canterbury Masterplan, comprises a large car dealership for Peugeot and a 3,000m² food store for Waitrose. To resolve the competing requirements for ground floor and street frontage, on this restricted site, we conceived a multi storey concept. Waitrose have ground floor sales with customer access from a car park at the rear of the site, servicing off the site access road and their plant on the third floor / roof level of the building. Peugeot have a new car show room fronting Rhodaus Town road, with new car display at ground and first floor, providing them with a strong public presence. There is a used car display area on the second floor, in addition to a small external forecourt. Car servicing is on the third floor, with customer reception at first floor. There is also car storage on the fourth floor / roof of the building. All the different levels are connected by ramps, lift and stairs.

The inspiration for the design is: the medieval city wall opposite the site, together with the expression of the building functions. The principle function of a city wall is protection; we interpreted this by hanging open weave like metal screens on the building (reference to medieval chain-mail protecting the knights). To demonstrate the function of the building on Rhodaus Town road, large glazed opens are cut out of the cladding for the display of cars. The open weave structure of the screens also provides visual contact with the outside, natural light and ventilation to the upper floor display areas, combining to make for a more comfortable customers experience. The main food store frontage, which is fully glazed, faces the schemes car park, clearly demonstrating the function of the building to arriving customers. It also has a double story height protective cloistered entrance, signifying retail buildings are today’s Cathedrals!

size: 2,800 m² retail store with 200 car park spaces and 7,800 m² car dealership

value: £9m

status: in planning

client: Petros

part of: CCCU Masterplan

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