Sofiya Retail Park

Bulgaria, Sofia

The site fronts onto one of the main roads leading into Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. A slope across the site influenced the scheme layout and masterplan. The shopping centre has been located in the middle of the site, taking advantage of a flatter area of the site, and two large stand alone outlets (Merlin DIY and an Ikea store) at either end. The third stand alone unit is massive car showroom (Velodrome) strategically placed close to the highway for maximum exposure as well as to act as a ‘marker’ for the Shopping Centre. The main centre is anchored by a hypermarket (Carrefour) at one end of the mall, and side by side electrical and furniture stores at the other. A food court has been created with direct access off the mall, as well as opening onto an external space, that can be seen from the main entrance to the Centre. Customer and service access is separated. A bus (an important means of transport in the Country) and taxi drop down and pick up island, is located in the car park close to the centre entrance for customer convenience.





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