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University of Coventry

West Midlands, Coventry

The masterplan and scheme has been conceived to: cater for a mix of accommodation to suit undergraduates and postgraduates, with the latter needing to consider couples and some with young children, as well as responding to the surrounding site context.

The undergraduate accommodation is provided in the linear buildings which enclose large communal courtyards to facilitate student interaction, an important part of student life education. The postgraduate accommodation is in the smaller residential scale ‘block’ buildings set away from the main activity areas, providing a degree of privacy and more intimate scale. The large linear buildings respond to the commercial buildings and large apartment blocks on their boundaries, while the small block buildings relate to small scale residential development on the main street frontage.


size: 270 study rooms, 48 family units

value: £10.5m

status: concept

client: GHP Group, University of Coventry

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